The Ywise Up Museum seeks to create a safe and educational space where we address the reality of gangsterism and the life long consequences associated to it, along with being custodians of the good within the Cape culture. We take you on a journey through the history of the Cape Flats starting with a mural depicting the vibrancy of District Six and another mural showing the devastation of the forced removal act - forcing thousands of coloured and black families to a wasteland we now know as the Cape Flats. Our journey through the museum takes you into three rooms, each with its own Unique and gripping story. The rooms are a depiction of choice, identity, testimony, pain, heroism and hope.

The narrative is not all bad. The Cape Flats YMCA chooses to embrace the beauty of the Cape Flats by being custodians of hope. Upon exiting the museum, we introduce you to the past and present day beauty of Cape culture. Intrigued? Come and see for yourself.