Local Y-Arts groups perform in their communities, giving youth the space to creatively explore their talents and skills and express their views and opinion on local, national and global socio-political issues

Y-Fit | Y-Goals

Y-fit | Y-Goals is a social investment partner of the Cape Flats YMCA. A % of profits from each Y-fit site is channeled into programmes, benefitting at-risk and vulnerable young people in South Africa.


Between 2018/19, the YMCA reduced the rate of recidivism among participants in the programme to less than 10%. This is being achieved through intense levels of support to offenders while they are in prison; connecting the offender to family and community; providing job skills training and psycho/social support on release from Correctional Centres.


After school programme providing activities for kids aged 6-14 in a safe space Activities include homework supervision; sport; art; cultural activities; games; music and economic education. Impacting body, mind and spirit.